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Mindy Ulstad

Hope for Christmas 2018 Co-Chair

For 9 years, HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS has devoted its energy during the Christmas Season to passionately advocating for those in need.  Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money, adopting a family or individual and/or donating your time to wrap gifts, shop for gifts or deliver gifts.

​​Helpthose in need

Our 8th HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS is behind us, and we are on our way to a great start to our 9th!   Thanks to YOU, Hope for Christmas 2017, was able to help 607 Families and 82 Senior Citizens!  That was all done because of YOU!  We feel certain we will go above those numbers this year, so we will really need YOUR help!

Our HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS 2018 (9TH YEAR) CO-CHAIRS ARE:  Julie Smith and Mindy Ulstad!  Two of my very favorite people in the world!  They have both been involved with HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS for several years and have served in several capacities.

As of Saturday, September 15th, we once again have a
MATCHING DONOR for all donations through November 30th.  This is above and beyond our matching program that begins November 15th – so essentially, if you donate monetarily between now and December 5th, your donation WILL BE MATCHED!  AND....  donating between November 15th through November 30th, your donation will have a DOUBLE MATCH! 

If you would like further information on the HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS 2018 PROGRAM, our MATCHING DONATIONS, or anything else, please let us know via email at:  hopeforchristmas@yahoo.com or via Facebook message at facebook.com/HopeForChristmasJeffCityMO or you may call 573-353-4720 and we'll respond ASAP.​ If you’d like to mail or donate via the web, go to :  www.hopeforchristmasjcmo.org where you may make a donation via PayPal by clicking the red "Make a Donation" tab near the top of the page (you do not have to have a PayPal Account to use this).  Or you may send a check to: Hope for Christmas  c/o Redeem Project Ministry  P.O. Box 105276  Jefferson City MO 65110.


Thank you for helping to give our families “HOPE” for Christmas! You are a blessing! 100% of your donation goes to help those in need.

Our families are like you and I.  They work every day, so they don’t qualify for other types of assistance.  Because of some traumatic event in their lives in the last 6-8 months, they are unable to take care of their family for Christmas.  They may be suffering from cancer or some other serious or terminal health issue or one of their children is suffering from something; they may have suffered from the death of one of the parents or a child; but for whatever reason, they are unable to provide Christmas this year.  All of our families are referred to us by their doctor, nurses, hospital, pastor, place of employment, etc. and all stories are checked out and confirmed.  We only help a family one time.  95% of the families return the next year to help others – and many have been volunteers prior to them needing help themselves!  Many have lost hope in receiving help.  Many have just plain lost hope in most everything, but because of YOU, they can receive HOPE for Christmas!


SENIOR 101:  This is a young 87 year old man.  He, like many of our other seniors, has no family in the area.  He spends his days encouraging others, singing and playing board games and cards.  He is very active and when asked what he needed or wanted for Christmas, he said, “I just want all my friends to be happy and enjoy the time they have left.  We’ve enjoyed our lives, have many years of memories and now it’s time to slow down, be happy in those memories and love life in this final chapter.”
When I was interviewing him, I was either crying or laughing!  He could tell a joke with as much humor as any big-name comedian, but in the next minute, I was crying over him being by himself and feeling so alone!  I did finally get him to tell me he a few things he needed.  He needs a couple of pairs of sweats, some tennis shoes, warm socks, warm shirts and said he really “needs” a checker/chess set or board games.  He loves to read Christian Writer, Tim LaHaye.  He likes the “Left-Behind” Series and all his other books.
If you would like to adopt this gentleman and help give him “HOPE” for Christmas, please let us know and we’ll give you more detailed information, sizes, etc.
SENIOR 102:  This woman is 92 years old.  She misses her garden and flowers.  She is such a sweet lady to visit with.  Her family is all on the East Coast and she only sees them once a year in the spring when they come to visit.    She loves to write and paint.  She’d like to have some new oil paints and brushes as well as maybe some small canvas (4x6 or 5x7).  She said she’d love to have a new journal with flowers on it.  She said she could use warm shirts or sweats and maybe some warm slippers or housecoat.  She also loves puzzles and puzzle books. 
If you would like to adopt this ‘young’ woman and help give her “HOPE” for Christmas, please let us know and we’ll give you more detailed information, sizes, etc.
SENIOR 103:  This is an 88 year old woman and her 91 year old husband.  They are quite the couple.  They love to dance and play piano.  They entertained me with a couple of piano duets when I interviewed them.  They were great!  They are retired missionaries and have no family.  Their only child, a son, died of malaria when they were missionaries overseas many years ago and they have no other family around. 
They said they both need warm socks and shirts.  She loves to embroidery and does a beautiful job (looking at her embroidery work, you think you’re looking at a painting!)  She said new thread, needles and hoops are always needed.  He loves to do puzzles and really enjoyed doing word puzzles on his tablet, but it was broken a couple weeks ago and he really misses it.
If you would like to adopt this husband and wife and help give them “HOPE” for Christmas, please let us know and we’ll give you more detailed information, sizes, etc.

SENIOR 310:   This is a widowed female.  She was a caregiver for her husband for his final 11 years and when he passed last year after dealing with several health issues, she decided to move out of their home of 60 years, into a Nursing Home.  She has no family anywhere near this area (closest family member lives 2 states away).  She said she doesn’t want to be a bother to anyone and really hasn’t done much for Christmas for the past several years because of her husband’s health issues.  She is such a beautiful person with a sweet, sweet spirit.  She loves to sew, cross stitch and put puzzles together (she said the ones with at least 1000 pcs).  She loves butterflies and singing. 
SENIOR 315:  This is a woman who worked her entire life teaching others.  She’s from south Missouri, but because of her insurance ended up in a facility in this area when she was unable to live on her own.   She loves to stay busy and enjoys cooking.  She said she really needs some warm clothing and would love to have cross stitch items, paints, or puzzle books.
FAMILY #201:  This is a mom, dad, 3 children and a grandchild.  This family has had its share of tragedy this year as they lost their oldest daughter to cancer a year after giving birth to their first grandchild.  Since bringing the grandchild into their home to raise just a few short months ago, the 15 year old daughter has been diagnosed with a rare form leukemia.  This family has had their share of sadness, grief and despair, however, they continue to keep smiles on their faces and bring happiness and joy to everyone around them!  The 15 year old daughter loves movies.  She loves to read current Christian authors who write love stories and she said she’d love to have a new Bible.  She could use warm clothing and loves anything that involves the color red.  The 13 year old daughter loves art, especially drawing.  She would love to have some new art supplies and warm clothing.  The 12 year old son is very involved in model cars and loves to put together models of firetrucks or ships.  He enjoys any current superhero movies.  The 15 year old girl isn’t letting her health get her down; in fact she continues to be the “entertainer” of the family.  The 13 year old girl could use warm clothes and also enjoys all kinds of art.  She enjoys movies with her family and is a very good student.  The 12 year old boy loves superheroes like from the marvel comics.  He loves movies about superheroes and could use some warm clothes.  The 15 month old granddaughter could use any warm clothing or age-appropriate toys. 
The family enjoys watching movies together, doing arts and crafts, woodworking and board games.  The mom and dad could use warm clothing, art/craft supplies, kitchen items or food for Christmas dinner.
If you would like to adopt this family and help give them “HOPE” for Christmas, please let us know and we’ll give you more detailed information, sizes, etc.
FAMILY 202:  This family consists of mom and 3 children.  Mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer, so her oldest daughter moved back in to help with her two younger siblings and to help mom.  The oldest daughter is 20 years old and has taken on a lot of responsibility.  She is going to college full time and working 2 jobs, plus helping with her two younger siblings and mom.  She could use some warm clothes and loves movies.  She enjoys cooking and and baking.  The 15 year old daughter could use new bedding or warm clothing and enjoys helping with the meals.  She loves art and sewing.  The 16 year old son loves music, reading and photography.  He could use warm clothing or anything to do with photography.  Mom could use warm clothes, dishes or bath towels.  They really just need to know people care about them.  They would love any age-appropriate devotionals and Bibles.
If you would like to adopt this family and help give them “HOPE” for Christmas, please let us know and we’ll give you more detailed information, sizes, etc.
FAMILY 203:  This is a mom and son.  Dad recently died from a heart attack unexpectedly.  The 13 year old son could use new bedding, warm clothing, and any movies.  He loves superheroes, especially anything Spiderman.  He loves Mizzou football and basketball.   Mom could use warm clothing, socks, or some household items, or pots/pans.  Mom enjoys going to the movies with her son.  Dad has only been gone a month at the time of this writing, so it will still be very fresh at Christmas.  Please help us give them “HOPE” for Christmas.
If you would like to adopt this mom and son and help give them “HOPE” for Christmas, please let us know and we’ll give you more detailed information, sizes, etc.

FAMILY 211:  This is a mom and 4 children.  Dad just recently passed away after a brief battle with lung cancer.  (He passed away in mid-September).  This family has a 12 year old male, 11 year old female, 5 year old male and a 1 yr. old female that has some severe health issues.  Mom has been trying to hold the family together and be strong for the children, but it has been difficult.  This family only requested necessities such as coats, gloves and other clothes; however, after visiting with the children, I was able to obtain information about their hobbies, likes and things they enjoy.
FAMILY 218:  This is a family of 4 – a mom and 3 children (15 year old male, 12 year old male, and a 9 year old female).   Dad was in a car accident in August and passed away from his injuries after 2 weeks in the hospital.   The children enjoy fishing, riding bikes, football, drawing, movies and cooking together.  Mom said they could use some pots/pans, or other household items and the children all could use underwear, socks, jeans and other warm clothing.
FAMILY 223:  This is a family of 4 – mom, dad and 2 daughters.  The younger daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia in June.  She has had a battle, but she maintains a great attitude!  It has certainly put the family in a financial bind and Christmas just isn’t in the picture for them without YOUR help.  The mom is a volunteer with our organization and works with those working on Literacy and their GED/HiSet.  This family has been volunteers with us for 7 of our 9 Christmases and were embarrassed when they had to seek help but because their doctor insisted they should let him refer him, they finally did.  The daughters are very close (they are 17 and 18 years old).  Both are very active in school, excellent students and always ready to help anyone.

Our contact information is as follows:
Email:  hopeforchristmas@yahoo.com    
Website: www.hopeforchristmasjcmo.org    
Facebook:  facebook.com/HopeforChristmasJeffCityMO        Physical Address:  1406 Missouri Blvd, Suite H, (Jefferson Plaza) (call first to ensure someone is there)        
Mailing Address:  Hope for Christmas c/o Redeem Project Ministry  P.O. Box 105276 Jefferson City MO 65110       Phone:  573-353-4720
If you’d like to donate to help a specific family, you may go to PayPal and donate through credit cards or your bank account to:  hopeforchristmas@yahoo.com.  You’ll also find the “Donate” Button on our website.  You do NOT have to have a PayPal Account to donate. 
100% of your donation goes to HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS and even more specifically to the family you want to help if you choose to help a specific family.  We have NO overhead or administrative costs, so 100% of your donation goes to the program you choose, such as Hope for Christmas.  We send out donation receipts after Hope for Christmas is completed, unless you need it earlier.
 If you choose to donate financially, your donation will be MATCHED!!!!!  So, if you donate $50 for a particular family or the HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS program in general between now and November 30th, it will be matched! So your $50 immediately becomes $100!
Thank you for helping the HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS families!  They are families just like you and I.  They do not qualify for other help.   We only help a family one time for Christmas and confirm their stories with doctors, attorneys, funeral homes, churches, businesses, etc. that referred them.  All of our families are referred.  Each family is interviewed individually.
If you need any further information, feel free to contact us at any of the numbers, locations, etc. above or visit with our 2018 Co-Chairs, Julie Smith and Mindy Ulstad.

We Need YOUR Help!


Julie Smith

Hope for Christmas 2018 Co-Chair

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