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Our HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS 2018 (9TH YEAR) CO-CHAIRS ARE:  Julie Smith and Mindy Ulstad!  Two of my very favorite people in the world!  They have both been involved with HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS for several years and have served in several capacities.

We once again have a MATCHING DONOR for ALL FINANCIAL donations through December 5th.  

If you would like further information on the HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS 2018 PROGRAM, our MATCHING DONATIONS, or anything else, please let us know via email at:  hopeforchristmas@yahoo.com or via Facebook message at facebook.com/HopeForChristmasJeffCityMO or you may call 573-353-4720 and we'll respond ASAP.​ If you’d like to mail or donate via the web, go to :  www.hopeforchristmasjcmo.org where you may make a donation via PayPal by clicking the red "Make a Donation" tab near the top of the page (you do not have to have a PayPal Account to use this).  Or you may send a check to: Hope for Christmas  c/o Redeem Project Ministry  P.O. Box 105276  Jefferson City MO 65110. 100% of your donation will go to the HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS PROGRAM.

Our families are like you and I.  They work every day, so they don’t qualify for other types of assistance.  Because of some traumatic event in their lives in the last 6-8 months, they are unable to take care of their family for Christmas.  They may be suffering from cancer or some other serious or terminal health issue or one of their children is suffering from something; they may have suffered from the death of one of the parents or a child; but for whatever reason, they are unable to provide Christmas this year.  All of our families are referred to us by their doctor, nurses, hospital, pastor, place of employment, etc. and all stories are checked out and confirmed.  We only help a family one time.  95% of the families return the next year to help others – and many have been volunteers prior to them needing help themselves!  Many have lost hope in receiving help.  Many have just plain lost hope in most everything, but because of YOU, they can receive HOPE for Christmas!

SOME OF OUR FAMILY STORIES: (Updated Sunday, October 21st)

FAMILY 237:  This family consists of mom and 3 children.  Mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer, leaving the children to do a lot of the help around the house.   The 14 year old daughter could use new bedding or warm clothing.  The 15 year old son loves music, sports, and reading.  He could use warm clothing or anything to help with music or sports.  The oldest daughter is 17 and will be graduating this spring.  She is trying to get ready for college, but has also taken on many of the cooking duties.  She could use warm clothing or study helps.  She loves art as well and is an excellent student.   She loves helping her mom with her siblings and cooking.  Mom could use warm clothes, dishes or towels. Would you help give this family “HOPE” for Christmas?

FAMILY 238:  This is a mom and 8 year old son.  Dad died of a heart attack in September.  Mom had never worked, but has had to work on her job skills and get into the workforce.  She said gas or grocery cards would make her very happy.  She could also use warm clothing.   The son loves Spiderman and is a very good student.  He loves all Marvel Heroes, soccer and board games. Would you help give this family “HOPE” for Christmas?

FAMILY 239:  This is an Aunt and 2 children. Mom passed away in August after a brief battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma with complications from her diabetes.   The two children came to live with their Aunt who has no children, so this has been a huge adjustment for everyone!  There is a 17 year old boy and a 9 year old girl.  They enjoy cooking with their Aunt and have continued to be excellent students in school through this tragedy.   They love movies together, board games, puzzles and helping their Aunt.   They could use warm clothing.  The girl loves dolls and would like a new baby to love.  The Aunt said the children have been great at helping her cook and love to bake.  Would you help give this family “HOPE” for Christmas?

FAMILY 240:  This is a single dad with a 12 year old daughter.  Mom died from an aneurysm in September.  Since dad is in a wheelchair and going through rehabilitation from a stroke himself, the daughter has really stepped up to help take care of things.  The daughter loves music and fashion.  She is very good to help her dad with dishes, cooking and other chores while remaining an excellent student. Her favorite color is blue.  She said they could use bath towels and rugs.  Dad said any dishes, towels or household supplies would be great.  They love to watch movies together, however their DVD player quit. So they could use an inexpensive DVD Player.  Would you help give this family “HOPE” for Christmas?

If you’d like to adopt any of these families or any of our other families, please let us know. We have many, many more and need to get these families adopted!

As we serve in our 9th year of HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS, we know the need is greater​​ than ever before! We need your help!

As you may or may not know, Hope for Christmas families are much like you & I. They are people you work with, sit next to in church, your children attend school with....the people you see every day. But unlike you and me, they have suffered a traumatic health issue (cancer, etc.), house fire, death or other serious issue that prevents them from being able to provide Christmas for their family. Help is provided only one (1) time for families and ALL stories are verified and confirmed. We need YOU to come along with HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS and help....together WE provide a very special Christmas for these families!​

We are again working with the Department of Health & Senior Services, Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living and churches ​to Provide HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS for many of our SENIORS​ that would otherwise receive nothing. If you'd like to adopt a senior or family, please let us know!

Contact us: 573-353-4720, hopeforchristmas@yahoo.com, check out our family stories on Facebook: hopeforchristmasJeffCity or our website: www.hopeforchristmasjcmo.org where you may also make a donation via PayPal.  For checks or money orders, our mailing address is: Hope for Christmas P.O. Box 105276 Jefferson City MO 65110. Thank you for helping to give our families “HOPE” for Christmas! You are a blessing! 100% of your donation goes to help those in need.

If you want to donate financially, your donation is immediately matched, so if you donate $50, it instantly becomes $100 – isn’t that a huge blessing!!  !  But that’s not all! We have two retailers that work with us every year that match the money we spend in their store – so your financial donation goes even further!

FINAL THOUGHT: This is a season in which we tend to be thankful and count our blessings more often than normal...but this is also a very difficult time if you've ever lost someone close to you or someone you love is fighting a serious illness. Please pray for those who have an empty seat at the holiday dinner table this year. Grief and loss are so hard to deal with, but especially this time of year. We are not promised tomorrow...in the blink of an eye life can change and even be taken away. Take the time to say, "I love you" more often and hug those you care about. Give someone a little kindness, a little love. If you don't help through "Hope for Christmas" that's ok.. but please help someone through one of the other charitable organizations, your church, or even someone you know personally. Blessings to you this wonderful season.​​

Our contact information is as follows:
Email:  hopeforchristmas@yahoo.com    
Website: www.hopeforchristmasjcmo.org    
Facebook:  facebook.com/HopeforChristmasJeffCityMO       

Physical Address:  1406 Missouri Blvd, Suite H, (Jefferson Plaza) (call first to ensure someone is there)        
Mailing Address:  Hope for Christmas c/o Redeem Project Ministry  P.O. Box 105276 Jefferson City MO 65110      

Phone:  573-353-4720

If you’d like to donate to help a specific family, you may go to PayPal and donate through credit cards or your bank account to:  hopeforchristmas@yahoo.com.  You’ll also find the “Donate” Button here on our website.  You do NOT have to have a PayPal Account to donate. 
100% of your donation goes to HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS and even more specifically to the family you want to help if you choose to help a specific family.  We have NO overhead or administrative costs, so 100% of your donation goes to the program you choose, such as Hope for Christmas.  We send out donation receipts after Hope for Christmas is completed, unless you need it earlier.
 If you choose to donate financially, your donation will be MATCHED!!!!!  So, if you donate $50 for a particular family or the HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS program in general between now and December 5th, it will be matched! So your $50 immediately becomes $100!
Thank you for helping the HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS families!  They are families just like you and I.  They do not qualify for other help.   We only help a family one time for Christmas and confirm their stories with doctors, attorneys, funeral homes, churches, businesses, etc. that referred them.  All of our families are referred.  Each family is interviewed individually.
If you need any further information, feel free to contact us at any of the numbers, locations, etc. above or visit with our 2018 Co-Chairs, Julie Smith and Mindy Ulstad.

We Need YOUR Help!


For 9 years, HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS has devoted its energy during the Christmas Season to passionately advocating for those in need.  Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money, adopting a family or individual and/or donating your time to wrap gifts, shop for gifts or deliver gifts.