Well, Christmas is have been delivered, families have been blessed and YOU have been very generous!
God used your generosity to touch the lives of all the "Hope for Christmas " families!
Your gift of adopting a family, wrapping gifts, delivering, sorting, praying or monetary donation went to restore "Hope" for many families dealing with physical and mental tragedies, death, financial strain, material loss due to fire, etc and gave them a few moments of peace and a brief time of no worry.
Because you gave, others saw the light of Jesus in a pair of snow boots or a box of Legos. Because you cared, others saw the hope of Jesus in the gift card or pots and pans. Because you shared, others saw the compassion of Jesus in something as simple as a pair of socks or a stuffed animal.
Because you sacrificed, others saw their faith restored or reenforced in Jesus through a new coat or a pair of gloves.
YOU touched others with faith, hope and love this Christmas and I am blessed to work with each of you!
I know Christmas is over, but it should be Christmas in our hearts every day! A very, happy and blessed new year to everyone!
Now, to get thank you notes, donation receipts, etc. completed and the office back in order and classes started back up!

Hope for christmas 2022 is done...

Hope for Christmas

celebrating 13 Years!

For 13 years, HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS has devoted its energy during the Christmas Season to passionately advocating for those in need.  Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money, adopting a family or individual and/or donating your time to wrap gifts, shop for gifts or deliver gifts.

Helpthose in need

Thank you especially to our co-chairs, Susanne Eoff and Mindy Ulstad for doing such an awesome job!
Thank you to my Assistant Director, Julie Meranda for all her hard work to make Hope for Christmas #13 a huge success!
Thank you Julie, for all the extra time and hard work especially during December. Thank you to your family for the sacrifice of their time with you and allowing you to work the extra hours, days and nights!
A great big Thank You to our volunteers....we couldn't do any of this without you!
From the youngest to the oldest, from the student to the retiree. From the preacher to the photographer and the state employee to the staff and patrons of several convenience stores and everyone in between.
The churches, businesses, organizations, clubs, youth groups, schools, and families.
Last, but not my husband Shane Bullock, Thank you for your patience, love, support, and encouragement this year and every year at this time. You are my rock! I love and appreciate you more than you'll ever know.
Thank you to everyone! YOU made this possible. YOU made "Hope for Christmas 2022" happen!
I love each of you and thank you for your support. Old friends and new, acquaintances and buddies. All of you came together for a moment in time to help give them "Hope". YOU did just that!
From the bottom of my heart, " Thank you!" From our families and senior citizens, Thank you!
Happy and Blessed New Year! You are a blessing to me!

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