Let me introduce you to the 2017 Co-Chairs for Hope for Christmas!
I'm so excited! This husband and wife team are a couple I admire, respect and love.  They have dealt with their share of real life struggles and not just survived, but came through stronger than ever.
They have been involved with Hope for Christmas for several years now and make an excellent wrapping team! They are very selfless, caring, and giving.  Please help me in applauding: Greg and Brenda Carrell!
Greg and Brenda have been residents of Jefferson City for a little over 12 years, but their roots in this region go back many years. They grew up In St. James, Missouri just south of Jeff City and have numerous relatives in Jeff City and the surrounding counties.

Hope for Christmas 

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Hope for Christmas

FAMILY 120: This is a mom and son. Dad died in a car accident in September. They have several medical bills on top of dealing with the unexpected death. This has been very difficult for them. The son, who is 12, loves Mizzou and KC Chiefs football and photography. He is a good student and loves reading, art and doing crafts with his mom. He could use warm clothing. Mom could use warm clothing, towels and kitchen items. She enjoys music and watching Mizzou Football and KC Chiefs with her son. They also do photography together.
FAMILY 121: This is a mom and two daughters. Dad died from a heart attack in August. He had not been sick and didn’t know he had any heart problems so this came as a traumatic event. The 9 year old daughter loves baking with her mom, shopping, reading and school. She is a little social butterfly! She loves arts and crafts and loves doing them with mom and her sister. She could use warm clothing. The 16 year old daughter loves baking, movies, reading and could use warm clothing. She is also into arts and crafts with her sister. Mom could use new dishes, bath towels (bright colors) and said laundry supplies would be a big blessing!
FAMILY 122: This is a mom, dad and 4 children. The youngest son, who is 10, was diagnosed with a brain tumor a few months ago and it is affecting his eyesight among other things. He is very upbeat and loves to make people laugh, but he’s losing his eyesight and currently has only 50% of his sight. He has two brothers and a sister. His parents have tried to remain positive and in good spirits, but it’s very difficult with all the medical bills, trips to St. Louis, and more importantly, the health of their son. They are concerned for their other children as well and how it is affecting them. The 10 year old enjoys riding his bike and could use a helmet, knee pads and other pads for bike riding. He needs a new pair of house shoes and loves to play board games, especially Monopoly. The 11 year old boy could also use bike accessories as he enjoys riding bikes with his younger brother. He needs a robe and loves to play the game, Clue. He and his brother love basketball and especially the Mizzou team. The 14 year old girl needs gloves and leg warmers. She loves to draw and sketch. The 16 year old boy has really been working with his younger brother, helping him to go to the nature center, movies and other places he wants to SEE before his eyesight is gone. He loves basketball and could use warm clothing. The mom and dad could use a new inexpensive digital camera to get photos of their family. They could use new towels (any color) or pots and pans. Mom enjoys puzzle books and needs warm clothing. Dad could use warm clothing and enjoys doing things with his children. The family enjoys putting puzzles together and playing board games. All of the children are excellent students and enjoy school and learning.
FAMILY 123: This family consists of a mom, dad and two children. Dad has been fighting stomach cancer and now it has spread. He has just a few months to live. The 11 year old girl could use jeans, shirts and a hoodie. She loves to study her Bible and could, use a new one (New Living Translation). The 14 year old boy needs jeans, slacks, sweaters and dress shirts. He enjoys dressing nice. He loves football, especially Mizzou. Mom could use warm clothing and needs a new watch. Dad could use sweats and comfortable clothing. He loves Mizzou football and the Kansas City Chiefs. This family enjoys board games and puzzles, and spending time together while hiking, biking and cooking.

As we begin our 8th year of HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS, we know the need is greater​​ than ever before! We need your help!
​As you may or may not know, Hope for Christmas families are much like you & I. They are people you work with, sit next to in church, your children attend school with....the people you see everyday. But unlike you and I, they have suffered a traumatic health issue (cancer, etc), house fire, death or other serious issue that prevents them from being able to provide Christmas for their family. Help is provided only one (1) time for families and ALL stories are verified and confirmed. We need YOU to come along with HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS and help....together WE provide a very special Christmas for these families!​
​We are again working with the Department of Health & Senior Services​ to Provide HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS for many of our SENIORS​ that would otherwise receive nothing. If you'd like to adopt a senior or family, please let us know!
Contact us: 573-353-4720, hopeforchristmas@yahoo.com, check out our family stories here on Facebook: hopeforchristmasJeffCity or our website: www.hopeforchristmasjcmo.org where you may also make a donation via PayPal.
For checks or money orders, our mailing address is: Hope for Christmas P.O. Box 105276 Jefferson City MO 65110.
Thank you for helping to give our families “HOPE” for Christmas! You are a blessing! 100% of your donation goes to help those in need.
If you want to donate financially, your donation is immediately matched, so if you donate $50, it instantly becomes $100 – isn’t that a huge blessing!! But that’s not all! We have two retailers that work with us every year that match the money we spend in their store – so your financial donation goes even further!
FINAL THOUGHT: This is a season in which we tend to be thankful and count our blessings more often than normal...but this is also a very difficult time if you've ever lost someone close to you or someone you love is fighting a serious illness. Please pray for those who have an empty seat at the holiday dinner table this year. Grief and loss are so hard to deal with, but especially this time of year. We are not promised tomorrow...in the blink of an eye life can change and even be taken away. Take the time to say, "I love you" more often and hug those you care about. Give someone a little kindness, a little love. If you don't help through "Hope for Christmas" that's ok.. but please help someone through one of the other charitable organizations, your church, or even someone you know personally. Blessings to you this wonderful season.


For 8 years, HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS has devoted its energy during the Christmas Season to passionately advocating for those in need.  Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money, adopting a family or individual and/or donating your time to wrap gifts, shop for gifts or deliver gifts.


Married for over 35 years, Greg and Brenda met in Junior High School.  They have two children, Andrew; a sergeant in the US Army and Erin; a graduate of MU, now living in Chicago.  Brenda and Greg are expecting their first grandchild in March of next year.
Coming from large families, they both know how tight money can be, especially during the Holidays.
Brenda is a cancer survivor and works in a local law office.  Greg has spent 3 decades working for the State Fire Marshal’s office.  Overcoming devastating illness and seeing tragic loss of lives and properties have impacted their outlook on life, causing them to understand the true joy of giving and helping those in need.

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