Hope for Christmas

Hope for Christmas, 2018 is now in the books!
Well, December 20th was the "Hope for Christmas "  final gift delivery and pick up day! It's been a great Christmas season because of YOU!
Many of you donated financially which was matched again this year by 2 anonymous donors.  That helped us purchase gifts for families that didn't get adopted or those we took in at the last minute. 
So many of you adopted families! For that we are also grateful.   Families, offices, churches, youth groups...the list goes on of what groups came together and adopted our families.
Lots of you volunteered your time to wrap gifts.  We appreciate you for doing that because it can be a daunting task (for me, anyway!).
Yesterday and today, deliveries and pick ups were completed!  It was the culmination of everyone's efforts being taken care of.
We know many of you sacrificed in order that one of our families might have a brighter Christmas. We appreciate your willingness to share "Hope" for Christmas with others.
Many of our families are dealing with a child with serious, sometimes terminal medical issues. Some are dealing with the loss of a spouse/parent/child and the grieving process.  All are blessed by your gift of time, effort, money and most of all hope!
The reality of the situations our families are dealing with were revealed more than ever this year, when we received calls, one by one that 8 of our families lost the loved one they so much wanted to spend one last Christmas with.
It's been an emotionally and physically draining time as usual but I have received blessings every day as well.
YOU are a blessing to many this Christmas and I wanted you to know I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate Mindy Ulstad and Julie Smith, who were our co-chairs this year. Without their faith, hard work, determination  and prayers,  we wouldn't have been able to provide the help this year!
To the many who prayed us through "Hope for Christmas " , thank you!  It takes everyone doing their part to see this through!  You guys are the best!  
Thank you to our new Assistant Director,  Julie Meranda for her enthusiasm, great wrapping and encouragement...and for knowing when I needed a Dr. Pepper!   Thank you again to all of you that donated time, money, gifts, etc...we couldn't have pulled this off without YOU!
Finally, I'd like to thank my husband, Shane Bullock who has had to deal with crazy hours, lots of weird honey-do's and a very tired wife.
Many of you know that my health has been an issue this past year but it did not slow me down! You prayed me through this! 
This year was quite an undertaking for all involved and I could not have done my part without my wonderful husband and all of you!
Because of you, 647 families and 145 senior citizens received gifts and "Hope" for Christmas!
There are so many emotions that are shared, so many hurts, and a lot of love.  Through all of this, YOU have shared the love of Jesus and the Hope that comes with this Holy Season.
Thank you for giving "HOPE" for Christmas to these and others this year! You are a blessing! I am blessed beyond measure to have you in my life!

Vicki Bullock

​Founder/Executive Director

Our 2018 Co-Chairs are Julie Smith and Mindy Ulstad



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For 9 years, HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS has devoted its energy during the Christmas Season to passionately advocating for those in need.  Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money, adopting a family or individual and/or donating your time to wrap gifts, shop for gifts or deliver gifts.

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